Rick Grimes of The Walking Dead


If you are a fan of the Walking Dead… check that… if you are a ravenous, hardcore, obsessed fan of the Walking Dead, then welcome to the Podcast you’ve been waiting for. DEAD FANS TALKING is a Walking Dead Podcast by Fans for Fans! Want the latest news about your favorite show? We have that. Want some deep digging analysis of the latest episodes from people that love the show as much as you do? We have that. But this Podcast is not just about the HOSTS, this Podcast is about YOU. We want your feedback, your observations, your lamentations, your crazy theories. This show is as much yours as it is ours. So, if you are looking for a Walking Dead Podcast, then this is the Podcast for you! It’s as much yours as it is ours, so participate, send us emails, call the hot line, tweet us, do all of it! Let’s all have blast talking about The Walking Dead!

We have been doing Dead Fans Talking for a little over a year, and boy, it has been amazing! We have met so many awesome people, who love this show as much as we do! And we are incredibly honored that they download our show and share with us their thoughts about their favorite TV Show & Comic Book!

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