Dead Fans Talking is a Wrap!

My name is Mick Montgomery, and I am the Founder of Spazbot Studios, and Executive Producer for Dead Fans Talking. Doing this show has been a hallmark of my career in Podcasting and Content Creation. Why do I say that? Because I  was able to produce a show I really enjoyed every week with two of the most Awesome People in the world, Jarret LeMaster and Wendy Maybury. However, in life, there is an old saying, “all good things must come to an end.”

When Spazbot Studios opened its doors in 2014, I was already producing (2) shows about Video Game Content that had established audiences. Spazbot Studios acquired those shows in 2014 when it launched, but we knew we needed to make MORE original content. I was an avid lover of the Walking Dead, and at the time the show was skyrocketing in popularity. A Podcast about the Television show seemed like a No-Brainer.

So, I quietly sought out some talented folks to help me launch Dead Fans Talking. Matthew Gilmore did our Art, I did our Music and SFX, but I needed really fun people to be my co-hosts. Jarret LeMaster and Wendy Maybury (both incredibly talented performers) jumped on my invitation (to my surprise) and we proceeded to launch a show about the Walking Dead. We hardly knew anything about the community, the major podcast players, or the best format to cover a television show. We just knew we could make a quality podcast, and have fun talking about DFT.

And that is exactly what we did for three years. We had a TON of fun making the show, but as the years wore on, it became harder and harder with everyone’s schedules to actually produce the show. Our second season covering the show, I started to see the signs that our individual careers were going to really start putting a strain on production. Prior to the start of Season 7 of the Walking Dead, Wendy and Jarret and I did what we always do. We kicked off a Facebook message and talked about whether or not we could make it happen. There were going to be challenges, but in the end, we thought we could give it the old college try. We actually DID record an episode to cover the Season 7 premiere of TWD, but it just didn’t end up being up to our standards for a variety of reasons. Then the inevitable happened. Schedule Conflicts, and I was faced with the reality that we simply would not be able to make this work any more.

The decision was mutually agreed upon by Jarret, Wendy, and Myself. We were filled with a lot of hesitation, because in the end, we really like doing the show together, and we love YOU, FOLKS! You Dead Fans brought a TON of fun into the mix, and we SO appreciated being able to be REAL fans with REAL people. It was quite an amazing experience every Sunday and Monday to see comments pour in on our Facebook Page about the show that week.You Dead Fans are the best, and I think in the end… that’s what DFT Was about.

We always wanted to be a Podcast FOR fans BY fans, and in the end, we learned that the best part of making a Podcast is developing a strong community of people from diverse backgrounds who all want to talk about something they enjoy. For us, it was talking about whether or not the survivors would make it through another jam episode to episode. And it was a lot of fun!

We will always remember Jarret reading Comments in his Dandy Fop voice. Wendy telling us a story about how she lost it in a grocery store and threw a sandwich at someone. Me trying my hardest every week to read the episode breakdown as fast as I humanly could and often failing. We laughed a lot doing this show. We had a lot of fun. We hope you did as well.

Thank you, to everyone, who wrote us, subscribed to us, liked us, retweeted us, or gave us a Five Star Review on iTunes. We so appreciated your support and participation. You made the Dead Fans Community a successs, and we are grateful to you. This is a sad moment for Dead Fans Talking, because endings are often sad. However, that is okay. We are okay with it. We hope you will be as well.

Warmest Regards,

The Dead Fans Talking Crew

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